Welcome to Jane Can, a website that is all about women empowerment.

Welcome to Jane Can, a website that is all about women empowerment.

We support women of all ages, shapes or forms. We encourage you to do what may seem to be impossible things. We provide you with all the motivation that you need to be able to achieve what you set out to do.

Jane Can is made up of a community of women and provides all kinds of support services to all women. All the services that we provide here are for FREE. Because after all, we are sisters. And sisters stick together and help each other. Right?

Here are just some of the services that we offer:


Jane Can offers various resources that you can take a look at, read, watch or hear. We offer blogs, advice, tips et al. You can watch the various videos that we have on our resources tab. Or you may choose to listen to our podcasts in the comfort of your steel garage door in Peoria. Alternatively, you may just choose to read our advice, tips or suggestions on different topics. Remember that at the end of the day, our goal is to encourage you to do the various things that you want to achieve. So our resources tab tackles different issues.

Welcome to Jane Can, a website that is all about women empowerment.


Jane Can offers a support page where you can connect with our community of women. Here you can participate in different discussions. Find a forum that is within your interest or if you can’t find anything, feel free to create one. Just take note that in our forums, you can seek advice, connect with like-minded women, provide advice yourself or learn about things that other women are into. You can even create forums on activism about issues that you feel very passionate in. We encourage you to be very active in our forums because we feel that this is actually the best part of this website, when we all come together as a community and work with each other.

Produce content

We are always happy if any of you would like to contribute to our website. We welcome articles, vlogs, podcasts and more about different issues that are of interest to women. Feel free to submit anything that you’d like. Of course, it will have to undergo our editing and vetting process. But note that when we publish it, we will use your byline and will even ask you to provide a brief profile to introduce yourself to our community.


We provide networking services to all of you. If you are interested in any particular issue that are relevant to specific women’s groups and you would like us to connect them to you, let us know. Simply hit our Contact Us tab and we will be very happy to receive all of your messages and requests.

Know that as much as possible, Jane Can will try to our best to provide you with all the help that you need. This is because we believe that all women should receive all the necessary support to be able to achieve their dreams. So no matter where you are, just connect with us and the thousands of women we have in our community.

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