how to create a hand-tied bouquet


Hand-tied bouquets are flowers that are spiraled in your hand and tied together.  Once you master the hand-tied bouquet you can use it to create a huge variety of arrangements. It also makes the process so much easier! If you like arranging flowers, this is a technique you need to know.

The Benefits of a Hand-Tied Bouquet

  • You are able to handle a large number of flowers in one hand
  • You are able to control the arrangement.
  • Once the bouquet is tied the flowers will stay in place
  • You can easily change the water and trim the stems without ruining the arrangement
  • Hand-tied bouquets are transported easily making them a perfect gift.

When you are first learning to do a hand-tied bouquet it is best to practice with roses. Roses are easy to handle and allow you to see the shape of the arrangement. Roses will also hold up if you use them again and again while you practice the technique.

Once you have mastered the technique you can experiment with adding a variety of flowers and foliage into one bouquet.


  • Floral scissors or sturdy scissors that can cut stems
  • A minimum of 25 roses or other hard stemmed flowers
  • Twine, string or raffia
  • A square, cylinder or fishbowl shaped vase


Creating the Bouquet 

Prep: Clean all the stems. Remove all leaves and thorns; a rose stripper makes this easy.

Step 1: Pick a large full rose for your center flower. Place it in your left hand (your right hand if you are left handed).


Step 2: Place the next flower in your left hand angled at a 30 degree angle. Put the next flower just left of that. Continue to layer the roses at this angle spiraling your bouquet as you add more roses.

Step 3: Keep layering roses and turning the bouquet until you have a balanced, dome-shaped bouquet. If the shape of the bouquet is not to your liking, you can gently adjust the roses by gently pulling or pushing at the base of each bloom to move it up or down.


Step 4: If you want to add a little more finish to the bouquet you can add aspidistra leaves or galax leaves to create a collar around the flowers.

Tying the Bouquet

Step 1: Once you are happy with the shape of your bouquet, you can tie it with string. Keep the bouquet in your left hand and use your right hand to wrap the string around the stems at the narrowest point several times.

Step 2: Once the string is secure you can gently lean the stems on the table.

Step 3: Tie the final knot tightly so the flowers do not slip.

Step 4: Trim the stems to height of your vase so the flowers rest on the edge.


Voila! I know it seems a bit complicated and tricky, but with a little practice you will get the hang of it, I promise!



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