for the love of monograms


I am from Alabama so it goes without saying that I am a sucker for monograms. As a southerner, you are required to love monograms. It is in our blood. We monogram towels, linens, key rings, jewelry, phone cases and bags. If we can monogram it, we will. Luckily, Ashley loves monograms too.

We especially love monograms on clothing and accessories. A monogram can add a little punch of color to a neutral shirt. A monogram can give a little flair to any bag. Monogrammed jewelry is classic and never goes out of style. Monograms personalize clothing and put your stamp on it.

Fortunately, monograms are having a moment in fashion.  So many stores are offering monograms on their clothing and accessories. Mark & Graham, J. Crew, C. Wonder, Clare Viver, Rebecca Minkoff and many retailers offer monograms. If you don’t have a local shop that monograms, you can pretty much get anything under the sun mongrammed on Etsy.

Here are a few of our favorite monogrammed items at the moment. Cheers to the monogram!

1. J.Crew excursion vest 2. Mark & Graham initial ball cap 3.Sarah Chloe ring 4.Clare V clutch 5.Monogrammed Converse shoes




Photo credits: 1. Devon Alana 2.Mark & Graham 3. Sarah Chloe 4.Christin Hefzy 5. Open Sky

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