fall flower power


Now that you’ve had some time to practice your hand-tied bouquets (for any of you that missed it, be sure to check out Hallman’s hand-tied bouquet post) we thought we’d give you a recipe for a nicely subtle Fall bouquet! This is another hand-tied bouquet so you’ll have more opportunities to hone your skills.


Bouquet recipe:

  • 8-12 Poppy Seed Heads
  • 12 stems of Autumn Joy Sedum
  • 6 stems of Autumn Hydrangea
  • 1 dozen Orange Roses
  • 12 stems of Pieris Japonica
  • Twine
  • floral scizzors
  • Vase of your choice


Begin by stripping the leaves and thorns off the roses and the leaves off the rest of the flowers; a rose stripper makes this easy. Then gather one rose and one pieris japonica into the hand that will be holding the bouquet while you work.


Add a stem of hydrangea and then begin adding stems of the poppy seed head, roses, sedum and pieris japonica, slightly turning the bouquet in the same direction as you add each stem. I like to group some flowers in twos and threes. For example, the poppy seed heads look lovely when grouped together in twos and threes, as do the roses and sedum.


Continue working in this fashion until you have used all your flowers or you are happy with your arrangement. Check that the shape is a nice dome, you can gently pull out the heads of any flowers that have sunk down a little too deeply into the arrangement.


When you are happy with your arrangement, wrap twine around the stems at the narrowest point and tie the twine tightly (for a quick tutorial on this, check out Hallman’s hand-tied bouquet). Cut your stems to the height of your vase and pop them in your vessel. The flowers should rest of the top of the vase, if they don’t simply take the arrangement out of the vase and trim the stems a bit more.

Not to worry if you don’t like your arrangement the first time around, you can always let go of the bouquet and start again! That’s the beauty of flower arranging!



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