pumpkin place card

Oh, what to do with all the leftover mini pumpkins from our Halloween decorations? Why, let’s spray paint them gold and use them for Thanksgiving of course!  We loved this idea for a place card holder because it was a wonderful way to use all the little pumpkins we had lying around from Halloween.  With a coat of gold spray paint, some card stock and twine, voila…we have a repurposed pumpkin!




Step 1:

  • Using the gold spray paint, spray the tops of your pumpkins. Note: this is an outside project and it can get messy so we recommend using rubber gloves and a painter’s tarp or newspapers to cover your work surface.
  • Once the tops of the pumpkins are dry turn them over and spray the other side.
  • You may need to spray two coats on the pumpkins to fill in any holes.



Step 2:

  • Using the Paper Punch, punch out name tags from the Cover Weight Paper.
  • We used a gold pen to write our guests names on the tags, but feel free to use any color pen you’d like!




Step 3:

  • Using the small hole punch, punch a hole near the top of the name tag.
  • Run a 6″ piece of twine throughout the hole and tie a knot so that there is a small loop of twine to place over the stem of the pumpkin. Trim the excess twine.



There you have it, fabulous gold place cards to add some some glamour to your Thanksgiving table!



acorn-napkin-ring-square gold-leaf-napkin-ring-square thankful-napkin-ring-square

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