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The next two months are filled with holidays, parties and dinners. Whether you are hosting a small group or your whole family, you want your house to look its best. Flowers and table arrangements create atmosphere and make a home festive, but we don’t always have a lot of time to spend on these arrangements.

We have a few ideas for creating simple, beautiful arrangements that anyone can make.

Painted Pumpkins

Don’t throw your pumpkins away yet! Give them new life with a can of spray paint. We painted our pumpkins gold and made them the centerpiece for our fall table. We also painted some pumpkins white and added bittersweet berries. We found that the spray paint we purchased at the hardware store offered the best coverage and metallic effect.




There are so many beautiful berries this time of year. We love the wildness of bittersweet in a refined vase. We also love hypericum berries and ilex berries. You can never go wrong putting stems of berries in an interesting vase or bottle.



Using fruit is an inexpensive way to brighten up your home. We are kind of obsessed with green apples; we almost always have a bowl of green apples in the kitchen. We also love lemons or oranges in a glass or white ceramic bowl. Here we have mixed apples and mint julep jars filled with green dianthus. In the first picture in this article, we used sheet moss, apples and greenery from the backyard to create a rustic arrangement.


Interesting Vases

You can make any glass vase more interesting by adding fruit or beans to the vase. We like to use square glass vases. Place a smaller vase inside the square vase and fill in your fruit between the two vases. We used cranberries, but you can use dried beans, kumquats, slices of lemon or lime and even coffee beans!



Happy Arranging!



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