get the kids out of the kitchen


My husband cooks Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, all of it. He loves cooking, especially big family meals. My Thanksgiving duties include grocery shopping, setting the table and entertaining the guests…especially the little guests. It works out well. He does what he loves and I get to do what I love.

Thanksgiving can be crazy and you don’t want the kids bouncing off the walls while you try to get dinner on a table. Here are a few easy ways to entertain your kids and burn off some energy before Thanksgiving dinner.

Playground Games

If it is warm enough to be outside on Thanksgiving or if you have a big basement or playroom, bring out the old school playground games. My kids love to play Red Light-Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, Hide & Seek and any form of Tag.

Decorating the Table

This year I am going to entertain the kids on Thanksgiving by asking them to help me decorate the table. We are going to make turkey place cards and napkin rings from Kiwicrate and boats and headdresses from our Thanksgiving kids’ table.

Get Crafty

On Thanksgiving there is no time for an elaborate craft, but these paper bag turkeys are easy and fun to make. I cut out the feathers and beak from card stock, but you could easily use colored feathers or even tissue paper for the feathers. To make it a mess-free craft we used glue dots. You can cut off the bottom of the paper bags to make it easier for little ones to use them as puppets. This craft was super quick and my kids loved playing with their paper bag turkey puppets.

IMG_6235 DSC_0664

Play Turkey Toss

We made these beanbag turkeys with some felt, fabric glue and google eyes. It took 10 minutes. Using Fabric glue, we glued two pieces of brown felt together leaving a small hole at the top. My kids then added google eyes, a beak and feathers to the bean bags with glue.  Once the glue was dry I filled them with dried beans using a kitchen funnel. Don’t forget to glue the hole after you fill them with beans!  You can make a target for kids to throw them in,  throw them around the backyard or even try a game of hot potato with the turkey!



Be Thankful

We are definitely going to talk about what being thankful means and what we are thankful for. We might make a thankful jar and a grateful wreath!

Spending time with your family and friends is what Thanksgiving is all about!

Have fun!



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