how to jazz up your Christmas wreath


My parents know how to decorate for Christmas. They go all out. From the mailbox to the mantel, everything is decorated beautifully. My mom can make any mailbox, mantel or wreath look festive and pretty. My Dad is in charge of the trees (yes there is more than one Christmas tree!) and the logistics of hanging lights, garlands and wreaths.

I definitely got the Christmas decorating gene from my parents. I love decorating for Christmas and one of my favorite parts is jazzing up a wreath. It is so easy to enhance a wreath and it can make such a difference! Here are a few tips and techniques to help you create a beautiful Christmas wreath.


Ribbon is everything. A beautiful ribbon can make the simplest of wreaths look extra special. Personally, I prefer wide, wired ribbon because it holds up and looks great. You can tie a traditional bow, a simple bow, wrap it around the wreath or just use ribbon to hang it from the door.


The easiest way to jazz up your wreath is to add color and texture by “stuffing” the wreath. Cut pieces of your favorite greenery, berries and foliage and stuff it into the wreath. The stems should be long enough that you are able to secure the stem in the wreath but not so long that it sticks out the back of the wreath. I love to use holly, ilex berries, hypericum and any type of foliage.


Heavier items like pinecones, apples and oranges require wiring. Insert the wire in the bottom third of the piece of fruit and push the wire all the way through. Use the wire to secure the fruit to the wreath. For pinecones you just wrap the wire around a bottom ring of the pinecone and secure it the same way.

Simply Red


You cannot go wrong with red berries and red ribbon. We used ilex berries and red hypericum berries, but I also love holly berries. If you do use holly berries or ilex berries inside your home make sure they are out of reach of little ones because they can be slightly toxic.



This wreath is so simple and fresh. We stuffed kumquat branches into the wreath and wired a few clementines for an extra dose of color. Note that if you wire fruit to a wreath you may have to replace the fruit at some point before Christmas.

Blues & Grays


I love wreaths that are adorned with grey and blue foliage. We used juniper berries, eucalyptus and eucalyptus pods. We chose a citron ribbon, but I also think this wreath would look pretty with a burlap, navy or peacock blue ribbon.

Apple Green


It is not secret that I love to use green apples! I always have a bowl of granny smith apples in my kitchen and I love to use them in table arrangements too. For this wreath, we wired clusters of mini granny smith apples and stuffed it with green hypericum berries. We loved the contrast of this yellow ribbon with the green wreath.

Ribbon Wrapped Wreath


If all of this seems like to much effort, find some ribbon you love and wrap it around the wreath. We used this happy red and white striped ribbon from our Christmas decorating post and wrapped it around a boxwood wreath for a cheery and modern look.

Happy Decorating!



5 thoughts on “how to jazz up your Christmas wreath

  1. Could you do a short article on how to actually hang the wreaths??? That always intimidates me? Do I use hooks, nails, do I tie a boy at the top or a knot? Thanks!

    • The easiest thing to do is get a wreath hanger. You can get one on Amazon, a craft store or most places that sell Christmas decorations. I have opted for a nail, but then you have to commit to having a nail in your door all year. For the the mantel if you don’t want to put a nail in the wreath then hang the wreath from an empty picture frame and lay the frame against the mantel. If you get pretty ribbon I think a simple wrap or knot at the top or bottom is all you need. Otherwise tie a bow. I think wide ribbon looks best.

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