cooking and crafting: the perfect play date


This is one of our favorite times of year. As parents, our kid’s enthusiasm for holidays is contagious. We love to make everything a little special in December, including play dates!

Our kids love to cook and they love an art project, so for the holidays we thought we could combine these activities for the perfect play date.

Foodstirs‘ cooking crafting kits are the ideal kids activity because they make it so easy to get your kids in the kitchen. We decided to use their holiday kits as inspiration for our play date and it was a huge hit with our kids!

Hanukkah Play Date

The Foodstirs’ Dreidel Cookie Kit includes ingredients and tools to create these adorable dreidel cookies and a recipe for latkes. We made the recipes ahead of time with our kids and made them our feature treat for the play date. The kids had a blast making them and both recipes were delicious! It was hard to save the cookies for the play date!



Once the treats were done we set the table and got ready for the kids to arrive. We decided to use the dreidel cookie cutter to create Hanukkah cards. This craft could not have been easier! Before the kids arrived we stamped Pure White Folded Cards from Paper Source with a Happy Hanukkah stamp, also from Paper Source. The kiddos used the dreidel cookie cutter to make dreidel designs on the cards with blue Martha Stewart Craft Paint. We used the shade Greek Tile for the first color and lightened it up with the shade Wedding Cake ( Martha’s version of white) for the second color.



Christmas Play Date

Is there anything more fun and festive then making and decorating gingerbread cookies? The kids loved making them. The Foodstirs’ Gingerbread People Kit includes the cookie cutter, a piping bag, frosting, organic jellybeans and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Then we made gingerbread people stuffing and served it with turkey. The kids gobbled it up.



For our Christmas craft, we used white oven-bake clay and the Foodstirs gingerbread cookie cutter to make ornaments. The kids rolled out the clay and cut out the gingerbread people. Then we used a pencil eraser and bamboo skewer to make a face, buttons and hole to hang the ornament. We baked the clay at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. When they were done we used 1/4″ wide red satin ribbon to make scarfs and bow ties, and baker’s twine to hang them. You could also paint the ornaments after they have been baked, but we loved how they looked when left white.



Kids are always more interested in food when they help prepare it. We love Foodstirs’ kits because it makes it easy and fun to get in the kitchen with your kids.

Happy Holidays!


Hallman & Ashley

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