we heart valentine’s day

valentines table 1

It is no secret that we love a holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. As moms, we love to make holidays fun and festive for our families. This year we wanted to do simple and happy decorations, so we chose a color scheme of red, light pink and gold. With a few paper hearts, a good helping of glitter and some pretty flowers; we are ready for Valentine’s Day!


valentines table 2

For the table arrangements we bought round glass vases from Wal-Mart and glammed them up with gold glitter. Using a foam brush and Beacon 3-in-1 glue, we painted polka dots and different size stripes on the vases and then covered them in gold glitter. Once the glue was dry, we used a clean, dry paint brush to wipe away the access glitter. Make sure you cover your workspace, glitter is always a messy endeavor! We put candles in the smaller vases and filled the larger ones with peonies, but you could use any kind of red or pink flower you like.


valentines mantel

valentines mantel 4

For the mantel, we used the same empty frame from our Christmas decor to hang a collection of paper hearts. First, we cut pink and red hearts from card stock and a gold heart from glitter paper. You will need to cut two hearts of each size so you have a front and back. We cut our hearts in 3 different sizes and laid them out on the table to plan our pattern. Then we taped several sections of fishing line, vertically, to the back of the frame. Using double-sided tape, we sandwiched two of each size heart around the fishing line according to our planned pattern. If the fishing line seems like to much effort you could use painter’s tape to attach the hearts to the wall above your mantel. We used the same glitter vases and votives from our table on the mantel to complete the look!

Front Door:


We’ve done quite a few wreaths in the last few months so we wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day. We decided to create a LOVE sign for the door with wood letters, glitter and ribbon. We painted our L,V and E letters white, but if you can buy letters that are already white, it makes it that much easier. Using a foam brush, we painted a thick layer of Beacon 3-in-1 glue on the O and covered it in gold glitter. We glued the edges of the letters together, but we used clear packing tape on the back for extra support. Tape some ribbon to the back of the letters to hang it on the door and your done!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hallman + Ashley

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