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As we were preparing for our Valentine’s Day posts our kids asked when they would get to do their own Valentine’s crafts. How could we say no to those cute little faces! So we came up with a few crafts just for them. Some are just for fun, while others are acting double duty as small gifts and cards for the dads and grandparents. These crafts are all super simple and fun for the kids, and what’s better we’ve created printable templates to make the activies even easier!

Heart Sewing Card:

We were inspired to create these heart sewing cards by and article we saw on Real Simple. Sewing is a wonderful activity for little hands and keeps the kiddos occupied for a good amount of time…provided the sewing card isn’t too challenging. With our printable heart sewing card template we’ve made it easy for your kids to create their own hand-made hearts. Mia is so proud her heart and can’t wait to give it to her daddy on Valentine’s Day!

mia sewing 2


Start by printing the heart sewing card template onto a sheet of white card stock. Using the Martha Stewart Hole Punch, punch out each dot on the template. Thread the large sewing needle with the yarn of your child’s choice and then thread the needle through the first hole. Leave a small bit of yarn dangling from the reverse side of the card. Turn the card over and tape the bit of yarn down so that it does not pull through the card as your child sews.

knotted yarn

We found that tying a knot towards the top of the needle helps prevent the yarn from slipping through the needle as your child sews. Now your child is all set to sew their little heart out! As they finish each section of yarn secure the remaining bit on the back of the card with tape.

sewing heart cards1

Fingerprint Valentine Cards:

Ashley first made these cards when Mia was about 6 months old…crazy, we know, but they were easy then which means they are even easier now that the kids are older. They are just so cute, and simple that we had to make them again! We’ve already decided on our Valentines for the kids’ class, but these will be perfect Valentines for our families.

fingerprint card 4


Start by printing the fingerprint valentines template onto white card stock, then cut out each card. Using the red ink pad, have your child place their thumb in the ink. Help them place their thumb on the card at a diagonal so that the top of their thumb is pointed toward the upper left corner of the card. Have them place their thumb back onto the ink pad and then place their thumb back down on the card at a diagonal so that the top of their thumb is pointed toward the top right hand corner of the card. When finished, the cards will measure 3.5″ x 5″ so that they fit into a standard 4 Bar size envelope.

Heart Handprint Art:

You know we love to make crafts using our kids’ handprints! Handprint crafts are fun because you can document their growth in a memorable way! We love the thought of framing these prints and hanging them on the wall in their room or giving them as a Valentine’s gift to family.

 handprint heart2


Start by printing the heart hand print on the white card stock. Place the print out on your work surface and turn it upside down. Put the craft paint onto a paper plate. Have your child dip their right hand into the paint and then place their right hand down onto the paper in between the “I” and “you” at a diagonal so that their finger tips are pointing toward the center of the word “you”. Clean their right hand with a wipe and then place their left hand into the paint. Place their left hand onto the paper between the “I” and “you” at a diagonal so that their fingertips are pointing toward the center of the word “you”. Let the paint dry for an hour or so.

Heart Crayons


Heart crayons could not be simpler to make! Our kids love to make heart crayons whether it is Valentine’s Day or not. You can add these crayons to your kids’ art supplies, but you can also use the crayons with our “Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day” printable instead of the water color set for your kids’ school valentines.


The only annoying part of this craft is peeling the wrappers off of all the crayons, but if your kids helps you it is not that bad. Once the wrappers are off, break the crayons into 3 or 4 pieces. Place the crayons in the Wilton heart pan. Last year, we made rainbow crayons and this year the kids wanted each crayon to be one color. If you have enough crayons, fill each mold to the top with crayons.

Preheat the oven to 230 F. As a precaution, I place the heart pan on a lined cookie sheet just in case any of the melted crayons spill when you are removing them from the oven. Place the the tray with the broken crayons in the preheated oven and cook for 15 minutes or until all the crayons are melted. Remove from the oven and let them cool and harden. Push the crayons out of heart mold from the bottom and now you have heart crayons!!


We hope you and your kids have as much fun with these Valentine’s Day crafts as we did!!


Ashley + Hallman

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