let’s decorate for easter!


We originally planned to highlight only one simple centerpiece for our Easter brunch table, but with all the gorgeous pastel colored eggs we found and Easter decorating ideas we had swimming around in our heads, we just couldn’t help ourselves! We quickly threw our simple plan out the window, decided to go a little crazy and put together a “door, table, mantel” decor post for Easter.


We made this pastel egg wreath by repurposing the grapevine wreath from our Thanksgiving decor post. Using floral wire, we attached green moss to the bottom of the wreath and then hot glued pastel speckled eggs on top. To hang the wreath we used this adorable green moss ribbon.




As you know, we like to create holiday centerpieces that will last the entire season, and since this one is made with faux eggs there is no risk of them going bad, or of the kids accidentally breaking them. We loved these pink speckled eggs we found, but thought the arrangement would look a little more sophisticated with some gold sprinkled in. We started by spray painting these white wooden eggs gold. Then, we placed a layer of green moss in a few bird’s nests we purchased from Michael’s and finished off the centerpiece with an assortment of the pink and gold eggs.


Because we don’t have any pastel napkins to speak of (shocker, I know!), we used the smaller nests to decorate each place setting. You could easily turn them into place cards by propping a little flag or slip of paper with your guest’s name in the nest.



We kept our Easter mantel simple with a DIY egg garland. We made this one by printing one of Martha Stewart’s egg templates onto card stock. Using Krylon spray adhesive, we sprayed the non-printed side of our egg templates and glued them to the wrong side of various printed and solid pastel wrapping papers from Paper Source. Then we cut out each egg template and punched two holes at the top of each egg. Then we strung the eggs onto pastel blue, grosgrain ribbon and called it a day!



Happy Decorating!


Ashley + Hallman

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