diy tassel necklace

tassel necklace2

Here we are again with another post on tassels! We just can’t get enough and when we find another way to use them we can’t help but share it. This necklace looks super luxe, but was so easy and only took 10 minutes to make! We even thought about adding a few more tassels in other colors to this necklace, but for the sake of simplicity, this time we stopped at one. You can find the supplies at almost any bead store, but we’ve sourced them online for you just in case you can’t get to one.




Step 1: Wrap the Chinese knotting cord around the width of your credit card 35 times. Cut the end of the cord so that you have a couple inches on either end.


Step 2: Cut a 12 inch piece knotting cord and fold it in half. Run it through the jump ring. Bring the cord with the jump ring under one side of the wrapped knotting cord and tie it in a double knot very tightly in the center of the wrapped cord.


Step 3: Turn the card over and cut the wrapped cord in the center. Fold all the strings down so that the jump ring is facing out.


Step 4: Cut a 12 inch piece of knotting cord from the spool and tie one end around the top of the tassel in a knot, 1/2″ from the jump ring. Be sure to leave at least 5″ of cord on the shorter end of the cord you just tied in a knot. Wrap the longer end of the cord around the top of the tassel very tightly about 6 times, working your way toward the jump ring.

tassel wrapping

Step 5: Once you have finished wrapping your cord, thread the end of the cord though the yarn needle and run it under the wrapped cord toward the knot where you started. Once the needle is through, pull the cord very tightly and tie it in a double knot to the end of the cord that you started with.


Step 6: Place a few drops of G-S Hypo Cement on the knots of the tassel. Allow to dry for a few minutes and then trim the ends of your tassel so that they are even.


Step 7: To connect the ends of the chain to make the necklace, take your needle nose pliers and open the last link in the chain. Loop it through the last link on the other end of the chain and then close the open link using the pliers.


Step 8: To attach the tassel, open one of the links in your chain using your needle nose pliers. If your chain has varying link sizes, you will want to open one of the larger links. Loop the jump ring on the tassel onto the open link in the chain and then close the link using your pliers. If you would like to add a charm, you can do this the same way you attached the tassel, but a few links away from the tassel.


Chinese knotting cord traditionally doesn’t fray too much, but after a lot of wear it can start to look a little tattered. We added a little bit of Fray Check to the ends of our tassel just to make sure that the knotting cord didn’t fray. If you don’t intend to wear your necklace frequently then you can skip this step.

Voila! Your tassel necklace is finished!

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

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