summer activities: spray bottle art

We are always looking for fun and creative activities to do with our kids, but with Summer approaching we need to have an arsenal of ideas to entertain our kids that we can use as necessary! Spray bottles are a great way to entertain kids outside during the Summer and the action of squeezing the nozzle is great for their fine motor skill development. When our kids were younger, a spray bottle and some water could entertain them for a very long time, but now we have to step up our game. This year we thought we would experiment with other ways to use spray bottles for entertainment. Both of these crafts are simple and tons of fun!


Spray Bottle Art

Our kids love to paint, but sometimes you need to mix it up. For this project we used 5 spray bottles from Target and a 5 pack of canvases we found at Michael’s. We picked 5 colors of acrylic paint, one color for each bottle. Using a ratio of 1/3 part acrylic paint to 2/3 part water, we placed the paint and water in a spray bottle, screwed the nozzle on and shook the bottle to mix the paint. Once the paint and water were mixed together we let the kids “spray paint” their canvases. The kids loved this activity and the paintings look great…definitely wall worthy! We did notice that if you use only a few colors in the same color family there is less chance that the painting will turn brown or grey.



Spray Bottle T-Shirts

This was another activity that our kids loved, and the end result was super cute! Because we are working with dye in this activity, we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting stained. The grown ups will also want to use a pair of rubber gloves to mix the dye and handle the t-shirts when the kids are finished. Your kids may have some dye on their hands when they are finished with this activity, but it will wash off with soap and water in a day.

For this activity we used t-shirts we found at Michael’s, but you can also find inexpensive plain white t-shirts at Target or Walmart. We threw a drop cloth over the fence and taped the t-shirts to the drop cloth. Be sure to tape the shirt on the inside of the collar and sleeves so you don’t have tape marks on the front of the t-shirt. Using Rit dye or a tie-dye kit, mix the fabric dye according the directions, in the spray bottle. Now let your kids spray their t-shirts! Just like with the spray bottle art, the t-shirts looked best when the kids picked two or three colors. Once your kid is done spraying the t-shirt, place the t-shirt in a garbage bag, tie a knot in the top of the bag to seal it, and let it sit overnight. The next day, take your t-shirt out of the bag and soak it in distilled white vinegar for at least 30 minutes. After your t-shirt has soaked, ring it out and wash it in your washing machine. Wash the t-shirts alone without detergent on a cold setting. You may want to wash them more than once to ensure they won’t bleed on anything else. Then dry in the dryer. Our kids were very proud of their creations!




Happy Spraying!


Hallman + Ashley

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