citrus stamped towels


We are always using lemons and limes in our cooking and cocktails so it’s no surprise that our inspiration for this craft came from the fruit that we use most often. We generally stock up on lemons and limes each week for various dishes, drinks and table decor, but there are only so many lemons you can use in a day! Rather than letting them go to waste we decided to put them to use by creating these citrus stamped tea towels that were not only easy to make but incredibly inexpensive. The bright colors and citrus fruit print are so cheerful and Summery, they are the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen. Tie a few towels with a colorful ribbon and you have the perfect hostess gift. You can even use the towels to artfully wrap a bottle of wine when going to someone’s home for dinner.


  • White flour sack towels (we found a pack of 5 towels at Wal-Mart, but you can also find them on Amazon)
  • Acrylic craft paints (we used Martha Stewart Craft Paints in Tangerine, Pink Dahlia and Meadowlark)
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bag or painter’s tarp
  • 2-3 small lemons or medium sized limes
  • Paper plate


Start by washing and drying your flour sack towels. Then slice your citrus fruits in half. Place the garbage bag or painter’s tarp over your work surface to make sure you do not get paint on your surface, as the paint will seep through these towels. Lay your towel flat on top of the garbage bag or tarp.


Place a large dollop of each color of craft paint on the paper plate, making sure that you leave enough room between each color so that the colors do not mix. We chose three colors, but you can feel free to choose as many as you’d like. We particularly like to group our colors by color family; using pink, orange and yellow together, or blue and green together.


Using one of the halves of citrus fruits, dip it in one of the colors of paint so that the flat side of the fruit is completely covered. Then blot it once, firmly on the paper towel. Blotting the fruit will remove any excess paint and make sure that you can see the design of the fruit when you stamp it on the towel. Then stamp your fruit onto the towel wherever you’d like. Repeat this step every time you stamp the towel. When you are ready to move onto another color, use a new piece of fruit.



We made several towels with various patterns. For the first, we stamped the fruits randomly all over the towel. The second, we concentrated our stamps at the bottom 1/4 of the towel, and the third we placed three to four different colors of stamps in opposite corners of the towel. Once you are finished, hang your towel up out of reach from little hands and let it dry for about an hour. After it’s dry you can use your towel as you normally would and even run it through the washer and dryer when needed.


This craft was so easy our kids even got in on the fun and stamped their own towels!

Happy stamping!


Ashley + Hallman

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