father’s day craft: jumbo jenga


Our kids were so excited to make their dads a Father’s Day present, but we have to admit…coming up with a Father’s Day craft was a little challenging. We searched and searched and there wasn’t a whole lot out there that inspired us. After getting sucked down the rabbit hole of Pinterest we came upon some really fun Summertime back yard games. Since our husbands love to BBQ and play outdoor games we decided the best Father’s Day craft for our kids would be to make a back yard game the whole family could play! Jenga is a great game for kids and adults and just so happens to be a cinch to make!



  • 2″ x 3″ wood planks (you can also use 2″ x 4″, but we thought the 2″ x 3″ would be easier for our kids to handle)
  • 5-6 sheets of sand paper (we used 220 grit fine sandpaper)
  • Craft paints in the colors of your choice (we used Martha Stewart Crafts paint in Meadowlark, Habanero, Indigo, Tangerine & Scottish Highlands)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plates

You will need enough 2″ x 3″ wood planks so that you can cut them into 42 shorter planks that are 7.5″ in length. We bought our 2″ x 3″ wood planks at Home Depot and they came in 96″ long planks, so we needed four. We had the staff at Home Depot cut the planks into 7.5″ pieces. If the planks available at your local hardware store are longer or shorter than 96″ you may need fewer or more than 4 planks, respectively. They key to this project is to measure the width of the plank before you decide what length to have them cut. We found out the hard way that even though the planks were labeled 3″ wide they were actually 2.5″ wide. If your planks are 2.5″ wide then you will need to cut them to 7.5″ long. If they are actually 3″ wide then you will need to cut them to 9″ long. The reason for this is that when you stack the Jenga tiles, you lay three down next to each other and then lay another three down on top, perpendicular to the first three. You will want to make sure that the length each Jenga tile measures equals the width of three tiles laying next to each other.


Once you get your smaller wooden planks home, set them out in the back yard, hand out the sandpaper and start sanding away! We sanded the sides, edges and ends to remove any splinters.


Once all the planks are sanded, lay out a painter’s tarp and paint your Jenga tiles. This is a great activity for the kids as well! They can paint as little or as much as they like. We chose to paint the ends of each piece because we loved how simple and colorful it looked. Once you are finished painting let the paint dry for at least a couple hours.



Now stack them up and start a round of family Jenga!


Ashley + Hallman

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