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first day photo7

Each year we tell ourselves that we will snap the perfect “first day of school photo.” We will calmy walk out the front door with plenty of time to spare. We will leisurely take photos of our children wearing perfectly coordinated outfits while holding handcrafted signs announcing their new grade level. At least this is how the scenario plays out in our heads. Inevitably we are scrambling to get dressed, eat breakfast, make lunches, create our photo props and take the photo, all the while screaming “we’re late” and to “please hold still” and “smile”! This year we are determined to stay ahead of the curve and prep our first day of school photos ahead of time so we’ll hopefully be a little less crazed for the kids’ first day of school. But no one will ever know if you take the back to school photo before or after that first day, so make it easy on yourself!

There are so many cute ways to capture your little one’s first day of school that it was hard to decide which one we wanted to do…so we opted for a few. We gravitated toward a more simple approach this year, but in case you are in the mood for something ready made we’ve also included our favorite photo kit.

School Supply Props

first day photo2

This was a fun one to do! Traditionally, we use a chalkboard for our first day of school sign, but we thought why not have some fun with it and include some books, an apple and the kids’ backpacks! The apple was easy to make, we simply wrote the letter K on it with a white chalkboard pen, but you could use white craft paint if that’s what you have lying around.

first day photo4

Balloon Photo


Design Improvised

We love color and our kids love balloons so this colorful ballon photo is the perfect photo craft for us. It’s incredibly simple and once the kids are finished with the photos, they have a colorful balloon to commemorate the big day!

Chalk Board Talking Bubble

adventures of bradysitting

Adventure’s in Bradysitting

We’ve all seen the standard chalk board sign, but this fun new interpretation topped our list of funniest photos. It’s so cute and creative; and believe it or not very easy to make! All you need is a sheet of foam core board, chalkboard paint and white chalk. Cut the foam core board out in the shape of a talking bubble and then paint it with the chalkboard paint. Once the paint is dry, rub the chalk all over the board, wipe with a paper towel and then write your message in chalk.

Giant Pencil


No Biggie

This giant pencil sign is so creative and is one we’ve actually never seen before! We love it’s simplicity, and believe it or not the sign is even easier to make than the chalk board talking bubble.

Kids’ Stats


Photo World

We’ve seen a couple different versions of photos with kids and a list of their “stats” next to them. For those that are a little less tech savvy you can use a chalk board or chalk board wall to write a list of your kids favorite things, have them stand next to it and snap a photo.


Raechel Myers

For those that are more familiar with photo editing, you can take a photo of your child and then using your favorite photo editing program, add a list of their favorite things directly onto the photo. A helpful hint with this project is to make sure that you choose a background that isn’t too busy and position your child off to the side in the photo so that you have room to add the copy.

Chalkboard Letter

first day photo6

Making this chalkboard letter was super simple and it would work with any grade level, but we do recommend prepping it a day or two ahead of time because the chalkboard paint takes a few hours to dry. We found our wooden letter K at Michaels and painted it with black chalkboard paint. We wrote on it using a white chalkboard pen. We found the chalkboard pen worked better than regular white chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk


Blue Cricket Design

Most of us have loads of sidewalk chalk lying around so why not put it to good use! Making a sidewalk chalk sign takes just minutes and what’s even better your kids get to do something they love doing: relaxing on the ground instead of having to stand up straight while you take photo after photo.

Back to School Photo Props


We told you we’d have a ready made kit for you! You can make your own “photo booth” with these back to school photo props from Paper Source. We all know how much fun it is to grab a few props and go crazy in a photo booth. Why should the grown ups get to have all the fun? Our kids love getting silly with props in photos, and these allow them to do just that.

Now everybody say “cheese!”


Ashley + Hallman

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