weekend project: diy ombre pots


You know we love simple DIY projects and this one could not be easier!  If you have an empty mantel, a bookshelf or table that needs  a little something, you can instantly add color with our diy ombre clay pots. All you need is some plants, some clay pots and some spray paint.



  • Spray paint in shades from light to dark
  • Clay pots and saucers
  • Small plants, succulents or cactuses

Layout your clay pots and saucers upside down on a tarp. It is best to do this craft outside. Paint each pot and saucer pair in a different shade of blue. Once they are dry, flip them over and paint the other side. Make sure you don’t hold the spray paint too close to the pot or you will have drips and pools of paint. When the pots are dry, plant your succulents and they are ready to display!


There are so many ways to upgrade your clay pots. You can paint them white or add another neutral color and fill them with different shades of succulents or cactuses. Play around with color and plants to to create something you love.


Our kids love to water and care for plants and you can make colorful pots that are perfect for a kid’s room or a backyard display. Just remember the clay pots can break easily, so put them in a safe place.


Happy Making!


Hallman + Ashley

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