gilded fall leaves


Before we go into too much detail about our Fall decor this year we just had to give a little update to our wheat wreath from last year. We loved our Fall wheat wreath so much that we just had to make version 2.0! We decided to give the wreath a little face lift by fully covering it in wheat and adding a handful of pheasant feathers. This was such a great way to re-use an old wreath, but change it enough so that it felt brand new.

Collecting leaves with our kids is one of our favorite Fall pastimes and it was this activity that inspired us to create our leaf themed decor this year. It’s important to us that our seasonal decor looks good through Thanksgiving, and while we love the look of real leaves, they don’t last. We also discovered that preserved leaves have a less than pleasing aroma. The only way around these two obstacles was to use artificial leaves, so to keep them from looking like sad copies of the real thing we decided to paint them metallic gold and copper. With a few cans of spray paint, branches of faux leaves and some left over pumpkins, we were able to create a few simple Fall decorations that anyone can make.



This season our Fall wreath was a cinch to make. We love a little sparkle and shine, and so we decided to decorate this simple grapevine wreath with gold and copper leaves. The best way to go about this is to use faux leaves. They hold the paint color really well, they come in an amazing array of shapes and they last forever! We started with a grapevine wreath and a branch of faux oak tree leaves we found at Michaels. We removed all the levels from the branch and then spray painted them in gold and copper. Once they were dry we arranged the leaves on the grapevine wreath and secured them with hot glue.



To create our tablescape we used the gold and copper spray painted leaves with an assortment of pumpkins left over from Halloween. To create the metallic branches of leaves, we removed all the leaves from the branches and spray painted them with gold and copper metallic spray paint. Once the leave were dry we re-attached them to the branches. Then we layered the branches on top of a brown table runner, along the length of the table and arranged our pumpkins on top, interspersed with gold votives.



To complete our tablescape we wrapped each napkin in a simple brown silk ribbon, attached our place cards and added a copper leaf.


Thanksgiving mantel

This Fall themed mantel could not have been easier to create! We placed our metallic painted leaf branches in simple glass vases and added an assortment of orange pumpkins and squash to the mantel.

thanksgiving mantel2

We love the way a wreath looks when it’s hung from an empty frame! Not only is it a versatile design element for almost any season, it also allows us to decorate the space above Hallman’s mantel with beautiful wreaths and hangings without damaging the wall or paint. Because the metallic leaves and pumpkins added such a beautiful rich color to the mantel, we decided to use a simple grapevine wreath, hung by a burlap ribbon from the wooden frame.

Happy Decorating!


Ashley + Hallman

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