guess who’s coming to dinner?

wheat place card 3

Whether you are having a large formal gathering or a small informal gathering, place cards make your guests feel extra special. Place cards can be made out of just about anything so we like to experiment with different items that we find lying around the house or even outside in the yard. Last year we found ways to make our own Thanksgiving place cards and napkin rings out of leaves, acorns, mini pumpkins and even good old paper. This year we kept it simple with a just few simple supplies and created place cards that are fun and easy enough for anyone to make!

Braided Napkin Ring

We were inspired to create this braided napkin ring while styling our friend, Leslie Hunt’s table for our setting a beautiful table article. Leslie had the most amazing braided napkin rings, and the minute we saw them we thought to ourselves, “We can make these!”…and so we did!

braid napkin ring


step 1 and 2

Start by cutting 9 lengths of twine that measure 24 inches each. Lay the strands of twine flat on a table or counter and place Scotch tape over the ends to hold them down. Now, divide the 9 strands of twine into 3 groups with 3 strands of twine in each group.

step 3 and 4

Taking care to hold each section of twine flat, begin braiding until the braid measures 12 inches. Remove the tape from the braid and fold the braid in half. Cut a length of twine that measures 1 yard. Tie one end of the twine around the folded braid, 3 inches down from the fold. You will want to make sure that the short end of the twine you tied measures about 6 inches.

step 5 and 6

Using the long piece of twine, wrap the twine around the braid, moving down toward the end of the braid. Stop when the wrapped portion measures 1/2-3/4 of an inch. Then wrap the twine back up to where you started and stop. Thread a yarn needle with the long piece of twine and run the needle underneath the wrapped twine. Pull down tight. Now cut the ends of the twine so that the tassel measures about 4-5 inches long.

Colorful Fall Leaves Place Card

We found an assortment of large and small fall leaf cut outs, and wooden leaf cut outs at Paper Source and couldn’t wait to use them for a few Thanksgiving crafts! They make a festive place card, and can even be scattered along the table for some added color.

fall leaf place card 1

We started by writing our guests’ names on the wooden leaf cut out with a black sharpie marker. Then we punched a hole in the small Fall leaf cut out because we had an idea for a special Thanksgiving day family activity, which we will be featuring very soon! To add a little more color and dimension, we lay the wooden leaf and the small paper leaf on top of a large Fall leaf cut out.

Metallic Feather Place Card

When you think of a Thanksgiving color palette, you traditionally think of browns, oranges, reds and yellows. But whose to say that beautiful jewel tones can’t adorn the table! Using our feather place card template, we worked a little bit outside the box and created some deep jewel toned place cards that look like they’ve been dipped in gold.

metallic feather 4


metallic feathers

Start by printing the feather place card template onto the jewel toned card stock and cut out each feather. Using an extra sheet of card stock, lay the sheet top of the paper feathers at an angle so that the tips of the feathers are peeking out from underneath (note: you will want to lay the feathers on top of a painter’s tarp or newspapers). Using the gold spray paint (or craft paint), coat the tips of the feathers with paint. Next, immediately remove the sheet of card stock from the feathers. Let the feathers dry completely. Once the feathers are dry you can begin to write your guest’s names using a gold sharpie marker. We liked the look of the feathers clustered together so we punched holes at the base of each feather and tied them together with gold twine.

Pheasant Feather Place Card

Feathers are always a good idea, but using feathers for place cards is an unexpected twist that adds texture and interest to any table. Pheasant feathers in particular are perfect for Fall so we decided to adorn this place setting with a simple pheasant feather bouquet.

pheasant feather 5

Pheasant feathers can be a bit long. To make ours shorter, we stripped the sides of each feather so that the feather portion measured 5-7 inches long. Then we trimmed the stem of the feather to 1 inch long. Using a silver sharpie marker we wrote our guests names on brown card stock and cut out each name into the shape of a tag. Then we punched a hole in each tag and attached it to two feathers using twine.

Wheat Place Card

There is something so elegant and simple about wheat on a Thanksgiving table. Clearly we love using it in our wreaths and tablescapes for Fall so it was only fitting that wheat found its way to our place cards.

wheat place card 4

Using wheat leftover from one of our wreaths, we cut two stalks to fit the length of a folded napkin. Then we wrote our guests’ names on card stock in Paper Bag from Paper Source and cut out each name to look like a tag. We punched a hole at the top of each tag and tied them to two stalks of wheat.

Whether you are planning a large feast or a small family gathering this Thanksgiving, have fun decorating your table with festive place cards…your guests will love it!


Ashley + Hallman

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