A DIY festival of lights


We love that our kids go to schools where they learn about many traditions and holidays. They are always asking if we can celebrate all the holidays they are learning about, which makes for a very fun and exciting holiday season! Our families don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but many of our friends do and they asked us for a little inspiration this year, so we came up with a few simple ways to add a little DIY fun to the celebration of Hanukkah. Hopefully these ideas will make all eight nights festive and bright!

Gift Wrapping

There is something so lovely about varying shades of blue with gold, and because these are also our two favorite colors we went a little crazy with our Hanukkah gift wrap ideas. We love to get our kids involved in the wrapping process, but it can be challenging to find a way that is fun for them and satisfies our need for a beautifully wrapped gift. Inspired by our kids’ painted circle art project our little ones were able to create some beautifully painted gift tags, using our hanukkah gift tag template.

Hanukkah wrapping1

Sticking with our Navy blue and light blue color scheme, we used a variety of navy, light blue and blue and white chevron stripe paper that we found at Paper Source and Target. To embellish each gift we used a combination of navy silk ribbon and navy and white baker’s twine. We love to use baker’s twine because it’s available in a large variety of fabulous shades, it’s inexpensive and it makes any gift look amazing.

Using letters on a gift instead of a gift tag is an unexpected yet beautiful way to label a present. Using gold foil stickers we found at Michael’s we placed the first initial of the recipient’s name in the bottom corner of a gift. We used just one letter, but you could even make a full monogram!

To make our navy gift tags we printed our Hanukkah gift tag template onto navy paper and placed a gold sticker for the first letter of the recipient’s name on the tag. You could also label each tag with a gold Sharpie. Our kids really wanted to make their own gift tags, so to create theirs we printed the Hanukkah gift tag template onto white card stock. Using two to three different shades of blue craft paint that we made by mixing white with navy, our kids painted blue stripes onto the side of card stock the template was NOT printed onto. Once the sheets of card stock were dry, we cut out each star, punched a hole and wrote the recipient’s name in gold.

Building Block Menorah

Last year our amazing preschool director gave us a fabulous idea for a DIY Menorah, but since we were new to the blogging game we hadn’t timed our Hanukkah article very well and sadly weren’t able to do it. Cut to this year, and we already knew exactly what we wanted to do for our DIY Menorah…a darling, kid friendly Menorah made with hex nuts and building blocks.



We have a huge tub of ABC building blocks that our kids haven’t played with in eons so we went fishing and found blocks with letters to spell Hanukkah…plus two extra for the Shammus (the candle that lights all the others). If you don’t have ABC blocks you could also buy wooden cubes. We started by laying the blocks out on a painter’s tarp and covered them with several coats of white spray paint. This is a great craft for the kids if you use white craft paint and let them help out with the painting! We also lay out 9 hex nuts from the hardware store on the painter’s tarp and spray painted them gold. You could easily leave them silver and skip the spray painting. Once the hex nuts and the blocks were dry we attached each nut to the top of a block using hot glue. As soon as the glue is dry you are ready to insert the candles into the Menorah!

Eight Days of Treat Bags

Gifts for eight nights sounds pretty great, but  the gifts don’t all have to be big. There are of course a few big items that every child has on their wish list, but every night of over the top presents can be a little overwhelming for kids and parents. We love the idea of small treat bags, numbered for each night of Hanukkah. With a few number stickers and our hanukkah treat bag template these treat bags could not be easier to make!

hanukkah treat bags3


We started by printing our Hanukkah treat bag template onto two sheets of navy paper, cut out each shape and folded them in half. Next, we took a treat bag and folded the sides at the top of each bag in toward each other. Then we stuffed each bag with a fun sweet or small toy. Using the tape runner we placed tape on the underside of each navy piece of paper. We held the top of each bag together and folded the navy paper over the top of the bag to close it. Last, we placed a number sticker (1-8) on each treat bag.

Happy crafting for the festival of lights!


Ashley + Hallman

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