christmas tree crafts for kids

Our kids’ Winter break starts in 2 days! We are looking forward to a few weeks that don’t involve packed lunches, rushed mornings and afternoon activities. While we are looking forward to taking it easy, we will still need to figure out some activities and crafts to fill all the extra hours. This is not the time of year to start elaborate projects, so we came up with some simple crafts that will be easy for parents and fun for kids!


Colorful Paper Christmas Tree


To create our colorful Christmas tree, cut thin strips of brightly colored paper. Next cut out a square or rectangle for the trunk of your tree.  Give your kids the colorful strips of paper and show them how to trim each strip to make each piece a little shorter than the last. You can use a glue stick to cover your paper, or glue each strip on separately. If your kids are young draw a triangle for the tree and let for your kids glue the strips of paper on the triangle in any way they want. We used a star punch to create the star, but you could easily cut one out freehand or use a stencil to make the star.

Paper Straw Christmas Tree


We have an extensive collection of paper party straws in our pantry. We thought we would be fun to use them as a craft supply. First cut a straw so that it is about 5 inches long, this will be the base of your tree. Cut the next straw slightly shorter than the first straw. Keep cutting and adding straws, each one a little shorter than the one before it. We also alternated stripes and polka dots straws.

straw tree 4

straw tree3

Once you have created a Christmas tree shape, take one long straw and place it on the middle of the tree, making sure the straws stay in place. Use a  glue glue to secure the first straw to the tree. Add another line of glue directly on the straws. Glue another long straw to the middle of the tree, creating the trunk. Add more glue until the straws feel  secure. Trim the trunk to the size you want.

straw tree2

straw tree 1

Using the same star punch,  create a star. Add glue to the base of the star and slide it in between the two layers of straws at the top of the tree. You can add one last piece of straw to the top if you need to cover the glue. You can easily add a ribbon loop to the back of the tree if you want to turn this craft into an ornament.

Happy Crafting!


Hallman + Ashley

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