a kid friendly new year’s eve


There is a restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama that throws a New Year’s Eve party every year at noon. There are balloon drops, confetti and a full celebration ringing in the new year, 12 hours before midnight. We love the idea of a kid friendly New  Year’s Eve. As a parent, it is hard to find a babysitter on New Year’s Eve and even if you do, your kids manage to wake up super early the next day! With some sprinkles, confetti and balloons you can create a fun celebration at home to ring in the new year! Here are a few of our favorite family friendly ways to celebrate:


Confetti is a must on New Year’s Eve! Yes, it is messy, but there is nothing kids love more than throwing confetti up in the air. Studio DIY’s Ultimate Confetti Guide has everything you need to know about confetti. There are so many kinds of confetti and so many great places to buy it you will be spoiled for choice! We love the confetti from Sweet Lulu, The Confetti Bar, Knot & Bow and Oh Happy Day.


Photo: Jeff Mindell, Studio DIY

DIY Party Blowers

Every New Year’s Eve celebration needs party blowers. If your kids are crafty or like a project, these DIY party blowers would be a fabulous activity. If you are not crafty or don’t want to spend the time making your own party blowers, you can buy really cute party blowers from Meri Meri, Sweet Lulu and Oh Happy Day.


Photo: Minted


Sprinkles make everything more festive! We love to add sprinkles to the rim of any glass. Pour your sprinkles on a plate then add honey or melted chocolate to the rim of your glass. Turn the glass upside down on the plate of sprinkles, spinning it around until it is covered. You cannot go wrong with sprinkles and milk with side of cookies!


When we saw Sugar & Cloth’s Everything Sweet Sugar Cookies, we knew they would be perfect addition to a kids’ New Year’s Eve party. The great thing about these cookies is that anything goes. Use whatever sprinkles and candy you have lying around the house. Our kids told us it was the most fun they have ever had decorating cookies and we loved the color craziness of these cookies!


Balloon Countdown

Every New Year’s Ever party needs a countdown, even if you are counting down until noon!  There are so many fun ways to countdown, but we love popping a balloon periodically as you get closer to the new year. If your kids are young it is better to consolidate the countdown, by letting a kid pop a balloon every 5 or 10 minutes. If your kids are older you can pop a balloon every hour until you reach midnight. We attached gold glitter number stickers to each balloon, but you could also use metallic mylar number balloons.


Cheers to a New Year!


Hallman + Ashley

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