workout gear reboot

So we all know that with the new year comes our New Year’s Resolutions…and of course one of those resolutions always includes the commitment to working out on a regular basis. We always put a high priority on our own personal fitness, but the holidays definitely threw off our routine. We are excited that we can jump back into our regular workout routines, but we wanted to try something new. Trying a new workout is also a great way to energize your fitness routine and we are both currently obsessed with Orange Theory. It is the perfect compliment to Yogahop, our long time favorite workout.

sweatty betty 2

Sweaty Betty Niyama Tank and Garudasana Yoga Capris

If you are going to spend an extra time exercising, then you need cute new workout gear to go with your new routine! We practically live in workout pants, tops, sweatshirts and sneakers…always with the intent that we will be able to steal away an hour during the day to get a sweat session in.

alo moto pants

Alo Yoga Moto Leggings

Since we spend so much time running around in our “mom” uniforms we may as well look cute doing it, which is way we love brands like Sweaty Betty and Alo Yoga. Their stylish workout wear is perfect for any sport you love to do, but cute enough to wear all day long. Hallman loved Sweaty Betty when she lived in London and now they have a new store in Venice, and store opening in Santa Monica in February! Whether it’s yoga, circuit training, spinning or running, we have you covered with a few of our favorites in the latest fitness apparel.

favorite workout gear 2016

1. Asics Running Shoes ($120), 2. Alo Yoga Moto Leggings ($110), 3. Sweaty Betty Long Sleeve Top ($90), 4. Foam Roller ($11.49), 5. Sweaty Betty Sports Bra ($65), 6. Athleta Tote Bag ($63.99), 7. Jump Rope ($16), 8. Alo Yoga Lotus Tank ($64), 9. Sweaty Betty Yoga Capris ($109)

Have a great workout!


Ashley + Hallman

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