ombré valentine’s day decor


If you love decorating for holidays as much as we do, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make your home festive this time of year. Whether you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party, having a Galentine’s day celebration or even hosting book club; adding a little pink and red to your home is a fun way to celebrate!



This year, we wanted to create ombré decorations for the table and mantel. For the table we created an ombre centerpiece with roses in shades from dark red to pale pink. Roses work best for this arrangement because you can find the largest color variety. To add some texture to the arrangement, we supplemented the roses with ranunculus and garden roses. To start, we placed two bricks of wet oasis in a long rectangular container and started building the arrangement from dark to light. This type of arrangement is easy to make, because you can adjust the flowers easily until you create a uniform shape. If you need something smaller, our peony arrangements in glitter vases are perfect for a smaller space or used in a row down a table.


We set the table with a white tablecloth and topped it with a black and white striped runner that we found on Etsy. To give the table a warm, elegant look we used gold chargers and flatware with our white china.


For each place setting we created a Valentines Day place card template, wrote our guests names on each card and then tied them with a black ribbon to a pink ranunculus. We used light pink and dark pink napkins to coordinate with our ombré flower arrangement.



We decorated our mantel with  X’s and O’s and ombré paper flowers. To make the paper flowers we cut a stack of 4 pieces of  tissue paper into 4 equal sections. Next, we folded each stack in an accordion fold. Once the paper was folded we tied a piece of string in the middle of the folded paper. Then we gently separated the layers of paper, fluffing them to create a flower. If you don’t want to make your own tissue paper flowers, we found these flowers on amazon that would look fabulous! With our flowers we made ombré garlands that we taped to the mantel with white painter’s tape. The X’s and O’s we made by spray painting large wooden letters with gold spray paint



heart wreath

It is a little tricky to find a cute way to decorate your door for Valentine’s day. Last year, we created a LOVE sign for the door, but this year we wanted to create something a little more subtle. For the door we created two different versions of a moss heart. To make the cut out moss wreath, you need a heart shaped wreath form. Buy sheets or a roll of moss and wrap them around the heart being careful that to avoid lumps and gaps. If you cannot find moss with adhesive on the back, you can use hot glue to adhere it to the heart shape. For the monogram heart, we used a wooden heart and covered it with the same moss. Once the heart was wrapped in moss, we started working on the monogram. We painted wooden letters that we found at a craft store in Hallman’s initials and used a hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath. For both hearts, we used hot glue to attached black and white striped ribbon to each heart so that we could hang them on our doors.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hallman + Ashley

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