marshmallow pops: the easiest snack ever

marshmallow 9

Last year we did a post on marshmallow pops, and it is our most popular recipe on Pinterest to date! It is no surprise that marshmallow pops are so popular, because they are so easy to make. This year, we thought we would share a few new ways to decorate these pops for Valentine’s Day. Our kids love making them, which means they are the perfect cooking activity for us to do together, and after completing a batch, they are especially proud to deliver them to special friends or offer them up as party favors.

marshmallow 2

Ingredients and Supplies:

Start by placing the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave uncovered for 45 seconds, stir with a spatula and then microwave for another 45 seconds and stir again. When they candy melts are almost melted they are ready, it may take two or three rounds of microwaving until they are ready. Insert straws into marshmallows so that the straw has pierced 3/4 of the marshmallow. Then dip the marshmallow in the melted candy melts mixture, wipe the excess mixture off the marshmallow on the side of the bowl and dip the marshmallow into the sprinkles, coating all of the white candy melt on the marshmallow.

marshmallow 15

Place the marshmallow on a sheet of wax paper or Silpat and let cool. Once the candy melt has cooled completely it will become hard and the marshmallow treat is done!

marshmallow 16


These marshmallow treats are so easy to make that we can whip out a batch of 20 marshmallows in a matter of minutes with the kids. They are also travel friendly which makes them the perfect special snack for a class party. To wrap them up we placed each marshmallow treat in a 4 inch by 6 inch cellophane bag. Then we used a bit or ribbon or baker’s twine and our lollipop valentine template to label each one.


Here’s to simple sweet treats for Valentine’s Day…or any special occasion!


Ashley + Hallman

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