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We are thrilled to have the founders of Silly Street, Meghan and Christine guest blogging on jane can… today! Silly Street is a super silly family board game that encourages confidence, empathy and creativity through play. These moms are super creative and know a thing or two about creating games that are engaging, interactive and fun! Meghan and Christine created a Get Silly Fortune Teller Game exclusively for jane can… and we know you are going to love it.


Bon Voyage!

Spring break season has arrived. Yippee! While this is an exciting time for kiddos and parents alike, it can also be stressful. Long rides in the car or on an airplane can make for antsy little ones. Sitting for hours on end is challenging for active minds and bodies and nothing makes travel more grueling than unhappy kids.

In order to keep spirits high we like to create various opportunities for play throughout the day. Some of our favorite travel-friendly activities are colored pencils and paper, colored beeswax for modeling, crazy eights, matchbox cars, tape (weird, but great!), a few little people or creatures, magnetic Funny Faces and Tegu Blocks. We also like to sneak in a few surprises to delight the kids when they unzip their backpacks.

As mothers, and the creators of the game Silly Street (check out our live campaign on Kickstarter), we made an exclusive game + coloring activity for Jane Can readers. This throwback with a twist is equally fun whether you are at home or on-the-go as it is a playful and interactive spin on the classic fortune teller origami. It will be sure to give your kids (and you) a silly, creative, and playful distraction to any day.

Like the Silly Street cards, we’ve embedded a few different types of play (communication, creative, dramatic and competitive) to keep things interesting and fun. Consider yourself warned, other travelers may want to jump in on the silliness!



Download the Get Silly Fortune Teller Game printable.


Download the Silly Fortune Teller Game How-To instructions.



Christine + Meghan



About Silly Street:

In its simplest form, Silly Street appears to be a super adorable board game for kids age 4+. In fact, it is SO MUCH MORE. It is a pathway to bonding, collecting inside jokes, and to bringing more PLAY into the lives of kiddos, AND your life (yes, you, you grown-up!). Check out Silly Street’s Kickstarter campaign.


About Christine & Megan:

Christine received her MBA in Sustainable Business and Marketing from Cornell. She went on to lead marketing for several of the most recognized sustainable home-keeping and personal care brands on planet Earth. Christine made two awesome kiddos with her outstanding hubby, Steve…Fisher (5) and Crosby (2).
Meghan comes from a world of branding and design. Most recently a Creative Director at one of the most celebrated ad agencies in the world, Meg has led creative campaigns on iconic and respected brands. Meghan created two pretty great humans with her awesome hubby, David…Bodhi (6) and Ryder (1).

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