fun with washi tape

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Replenishing our kids’ school supplies is definitely one of the highlights of the new school year. Our kids just love stocking up on brand new colorful pens, crayons and paper, and we always walk away with a few new supplies of our own. One item we are drawn to is Washi tape. The DIY, organization and crafting possibilities are endless and we just can’t help picking up a few new rolls each time we are in the craft store or Target. Now that our tape collection is suitably refreshed with a few new bright colors, we are on the look out for new, inspiring ways to get crafty.

Kid’s crafts

Whether it’s transforming an ordinary cabinet into a doll house or creating a race track for toy cars, kids love getting crafty with a few rolls of Washi tape, so let their imagination run wild!

ikea hack


washi tape track

Le jardin de Juliette


Amy Di Stasio

city mom

City Mom


Washi tape is a colorful and inexpensive way to transform any room or fixture, but best of all it’s temporary so if you change your mind a few weeks down the road you can always take it down!

Aprtment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


IDA Interior Lifestyle



design sponge

Design Sponge


We use Washi tape as labels to keep electronic chords and food items organized, but it also makes the perfect custom calendar or bookmark!

brit and co

Brit & Co


The Chic Site

hgtv 2



Paper and Pin

Gift Wrap

We are always looking for creative, new ways to make our gift wrap extra special, and using Washi tape is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to any present.

2 - crayons color me plain white wrapping 2

Lines Across


Shari’s Berries

Happy taping!


Ashley + Hallman

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