lunchbox inspiration


Packing school lunches can be a challenge and we all need a little inspiration every now and then. A packed lunch can get boring very quickly, especially when you are busy and tired…as all parents are! Here a few of our favorite ways to bring a little variety to your lunchbox.

Pack Frozen Smoothies

Our kids love smoothies and it is a great way to sneak in extra fruits and vegetables! These colorful popsicle molds make it easy to  include them in a lunchbox. Modern Parents Messy Kids has some great tips and recipes for lunchbox smoothies and you can find more recipes here and here.


Modern Parents Messy Kids

Pasta Make Everything Better

If your kids love pasta as much as our kids love pasta, then it can be a great base to add protein and vegetables for your kids’ lunchbox.


Martha Stewart

Make Food Fun

There is nothing that will make your kids smile more than something silly or different in their lunchbox. Cookie cutters, candy google eyes and fun toothpicks are sure to be a hit with your kids. We also love to include these Lunchtime LOL notes each day to make our kids giggle. Here is a great source for lunchbox supplies to keep things fun.


Land O’ Moms

Go Beyond Peanut Butter & Jelly

Kids can easily get bored with sandwiches. Mix it up with different fillings, different bread or even no-bread sandwiches. Our kids love when we include a bagel sandwich, a wrap or sandwich pinwheels.  These Apple Cheese Wraps from Weelicious are a great example of no-bread sandwiches. There are tons of creative ways to make a sandwich, these 10 sandwich recipes are a great place to start.



Make Kabobs

Kids love kebobs! You can make kabobs with fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and even mini sandwiches bites. Anything with a toothpick is fun for kids to eat.


Following My Shoes, Make Ahead Lunchbox Ideas

Here’s a few more lunchbox tips  and our favorite printable lunchbox notes.

Happy Packing!


Hallman + Ashley

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