halloween doors galore!


Each year we go all out, decorating our doors, mantels and tables for Halloween. Our first year we went crazy with pumpkins and bats, and last year we went with a creepy crawly spider theme. This year our heads were swimming with festive ideas and we couldn’t land on just one, so we decided to put our energy into executing all our ideas with a focus on our front doors.


We found two wooden skulls at Michael’s that were just screaming for a make-over so we decided to dress them both of them up a bit to decorate our front doors! We started by painting a plain wooden Day of the Dead skull with white spray paint. Then we used a small paint brush to decorate the details with various colors of craft paint. We finished off the skull by hot gluing a faux peony and ranunculus from Ikea to the top of the skull.


Our pirate skull was the easiest door decoration we’ve ever made. Starting with the black wooden skull we found at Michael’s, we wrapped a piece of black and white ribbon around the top of the head. Then we cut an eye patch out of red card stock and attached it to the ribbon with glue dots. Voila, a pirate skull!



After reading a Magic Tree House book about the Raven King, Charlie requested that we do a raven themed door…and who are we to turn down our kids’ requests. We loved his idea and decided to run with it! We especially liked the idea because our kids are ready for slightly spookier decorations, but not ready for the all out Halloween “gore fest,” so decorating with ravens is the perfect mix of slightly spooky but not too scary. To make our first wreath we wrapped black and white striped ribbon around a styrofoam wreath and secured the ribbon with hot glue. Then we hot glued two black crows that we found at Michael’s to the bottom of the wreath.


The pumpkins could not have been easier! We attached black crows in various sizes and poses to each pumpkin with hot glue and called it a day!


Because we couldn’t help ourselves, we decided to come up with another raven themed wreath that was also just as easy to make as the first. We started with our grapevine wreath that gets recycled each fall, and spray painted it black. Then we hot glued a few pieces of grey moss to the bottom, attached the crow using floral wire and topped it off with a black and white striped bow.


Happy decorating!


Ashley + Hallman

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