simple rustic thanksgiving place settings


We love nothing more than making our families and friends feel special when we host a party, and creating unique place cards or place settings is just one way we like to do this. Every year we come up with a few place setting ideas for our Thanksgiving table and this year we were inspired by our rustic Thanksgiving table scape. With only a few simple items, we were able to come up with several ways create rustic place settings that anyone can make!


Twine is a very easy and inexpensive way to make any ordinary napkin look more chic. With a few sprigs of greenery, a bit of twine and a place card the options are limitless, but we paired ours down to three simple variations.


Expressing gratitude at the Thanksgiving table is a wonderful tradition we like to practice in our families. Each year we come up with a few ways to share our gratitude, but a simple card at each place setting, which guests can write on is a great way to incorporate the tradition. We started by printing our thankful-place-cards template onto card stock from Paper Source in Paper Bag. We cut out each card and inserted them into the pocket of a folded napkin. Then we tied a piece of twine around the napkin into a bow and placed a small sprig of eucalyptus under the twine. We used a pocket fold for many of our napkins this year, and Real Simple has a great video tutorial! The key is to make sure that you are folding your napkin to the width of your place card.


Paper Source sells printable place cards in a whole variety of shades. Using their place card in Gravel, we printed our guests’ names on the front of each card. After using the pocket fold technique on our napkins we inserted the back side of the place card into the pocket of our napkin. To secure the place card, we wrapped twine around the napkin twice and tied the ends together in back.


Another way we incorporated an expression of gratitude into a place setting is with our script-thankful-place-card template. After printing the script-thankful-place-card onto Paper Source card stock in Gravel, we cut out each card and placed them on top of our folded napkins. We secured them to the napkin by wrapping them with twine three times. To finish the look we placed two sprigs of rosemary under the twine.


Using ordinary items in an unexpected way is just one of the tricks we use to up or table setting game, and clothespins are a simple way to turn any place setting into something a little less ordinary.


This place setting could not have been easier to make! Using a brown Sharpie marker, we wrote our guests’ names onto the clothespins. Then we clipped a couple sprigs of rosemary to the napkin with the clothespin. This little trick would work well with just about any piece of greenery, but we love to use herbs at Thanksgiving because of all the wonderful herbs we use when preparing our Thanksgiving dinner.

Sprigs of Greenery

You don’t need to go crazy to make a big impact! A sprig of greenery such as eucalyptus, fall leaves, or herbs placed on each plate along with a simple place card is an easy and chic way to set a table. To make our last place setting, we printed our guests names onto Paper Source card stock in soft white, cut out each name and placed them directly on the plate. We topped each card with a small sprig of eucalyptus and called it a day!


For more ideas on setting a Thanksgiving table, check out our DIY place cards from last year and the year before.

Happy decorating!


Ashley + Hallman

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