Welcome to the support page of Jane Can. Here, the women in our community congregate to seek help and provide help. Join any of our forums. Or better yet create one to discuss anything that would be of interest to you and that of our community.


Forum: Livelihood Help

Regan: Hello there. I am looking for a group of women who knit. I own a fashion company and I would like to add some knitted products to my line. If you are interested, just reply here please.

Stacey: Hi Regan. I have a knitting club and would be interested to learn more about what you are doing. We are a group of mothers who knit in our spare time but would like to discover some opportunities to earn some money.

Kim: Hi there. I have been knitting since I was a young girl. As a stay-at-home mom, I am very interested in earning a little bit of money.

Regan: Thanks for the interest girls. Please do send me an email at regan-knitters@gmail.com. Will be happy to send you more information about this opportunity.

Forum: Health and Fitness

Martha: I am holding classes on yoga and fitness in the Peoria area. Anyone here interested to join?

Crystal: Hi there Martha. I live in Peoria. Would love to learn more about your classes. Send me a message at crystal-stylistics@yahoo.com.

Elaine: I am also holding classes, this time in the Arizona area. Please also let me know if anyone wants to join my classes. I offer Zumba, aero dancing and yoga. I can also do personal classes if that is your preference.

Forum: Food

Vivian: Help girls please! I need a recipe for beef stroganoff. That is my mother-in-law’s favorite food and I would love to impress her.

Malou: Hi there Vivian. I am a chef. I would be happy to share my recipe. Send me your email.

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